Sunday, 29 November 2015

Poetry Cinquain :B

Description: In Troy's writing group (poetry).We are doing Cinquains. We had to make a Cinquain about our own passion. You have to have it so the first line has 2 syllables, next 4 then 6, 8 after that then 2 again.
Publish piece:
It's gona start.
Zooming , Booming , Grooving.
Getting around the track in a flash.
V8 Holden.

Publish piece 2:
Deep sleep quiet.
Puffy Up paws sharp knife claws.
My cat.

Publish piece 3:
Bang bang.
Load flip fury.
Dodging like a speedy sniper.
Nerf wars.

Feedback/feedforward: I like your poems but next time you can make the titles more clearer/ I like your poems but the third peace is my fav. Corton

evalaution: i think that i did well because i got three poems done but i could put a bit more description in my writing.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Ingry post

Description: this term we have been doing inquiry.I am doing canines arcade.We have to make cardboard arcade machines.Our arcade machine is 2 ideas in one.So I think that's Thinking outside the box.It can effect other people because they can play our games.Then they can make there own at the there house.They could do what other people are doing around the world.




What did you accomplish? A cardboard arcade game that people can play my game so can be inspired.

What was the most frustrating? When Logan and Ben weren't doing any thing and I thought of what they had to do but they made the name that's all basically.

What was your proudest moment in your inquiry?letting people play our game and seeing the people enjoying it.

How might your inquiry help you in the future? People will get of there devices and play our cardboard games.

What made you choose this inquiry? I wanted to try something that would be deferent and it would be fun.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Free verse writing

Publish piece:
I wake up, 
I have awoken,
awoken in a cold cold bed.
Where am I? Mum, dad and my sister are all here.
I’m safe,
But the pain,
Pain so much of it.
I see lots of machines,
machines everywhere all around me.
I have the thing that I had in my mouth at the start. 
I get taken to another room with a bed right near the door,
I go next to the window,
a big window the sun is shining in.
the machines are back.


1) I used the 5 senses, (feel,hear,see,taste,smell) I think I used all of them.

2)I used visual imagery  

3)I think next time I would put a bit more detail.