Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Maori ET reo

Description:every Monday afternoon we do ET reo  for ET reo we had to do a sample it had to have moari body's and how you where doing for my group did it for adults 


Big idea: it was about body parts we sang a song called to tiana Ki roto

Feedback/feedforward:  I like how in the video you pronounced the words correctly so people could easily hear that and learn off you.What you could improve on next time is possibly adding some sort of picture just to make it more fun and visual instead of just reading it off the picture.Ben:D

Evaluation: I like how we pronounced the words correctly I like how we had a colourful.but we could of gone in a non windy place.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Maths sample

Description: this term we have been using division,multiplication with Rebecca here is our question:

Big idea: I used reversibility to find the answer for the this question here is my working out for this question. 


2 big idea: for this one I used the happy hundred board with my 5x 2x here are my images.

2 Images:

Feedback/feedforward: i like how you have add what you what you were doing. I think you need to make the hundreds bord bit more lighter and how you worked it out more. Jeffery😎

Evaluation:I like how I added what I was doing tidily but I could work on trying to make my big ideas longer