Sunday, 6 December 2015

congitive wobble

I think I am a Self Managing learner because I am not open to the congitive wobble.
The goal that I am currently working on is I am open to the congitive wobble.
The things I need to do to achieve this goal are a open mind teacher help and a growth mindset.


Sunday, 29 November 2015

Poetry Cinquain :B

Description: In Troy's writing group (poetry).We are doing Cinquains. We had to make a Cinquain about our own passion. You have to have it so the first line has 2 syllables, next 4 then 6, 8 after that then 2 again.
Publish piece:
It's gona start.
Zooming , Booming , Grooving.
Getting around the track in a flash.
V8 Holden.

Publish piece 2:
Deep sleep quiet.
Puffy Up paws sharp knife claws.
My cat.

Publish piece 3:
Bang bang.
Load flip fury.
Dodging like a speedy sniper.
Nerf wars.

Feedback/feedforward: I like your poems but next time you can make the titles more clearer/ I like your poems but the third peace is my fav. Corton

evalaution: i think that i did well because i got three poems done but i could put a bit more description in my writing.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Ingry post

Description: this term we have been doing inquiry.I am doing canines arcade.We have to make cardboard arcade machines.Our arcade machine is 2 ideas in one.So I think that's Thinking outside the box.It can effect other people because they can play our games.Then they can make there own at the there house.They could do what other people are doing around the world.




What did you accomplish? A cardboard arcade game that people can play my game so can be inspired.

What was the most frustrating? When Logan and Ben weren't doing any thing and I thought of what they had to do but they made the name that's all basically.

What was your proudest moment in your inquiry?letting people play our game and seeing the people enjoying it.

How might your inquiry help you in the future? People will get of there devices and play our cardboard games.

What made you choose this inquiry? I wanted to try something that would be deferent and it would be fun.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Free verse writing

Publish piece:
I wake up, 
I have awoken,
awoken in a cold cold bed.
Where am I? Mum, dad and my sister are all here.
I’m safe,
But the pain,
Pain so much of it.
I see lots of machines,
machines everywhere all around me.
I have the thing that I had in my mouth at the start. 
I get taken to another room with a bed right near the door,
I go next to the window,
a big window the sun is shining in.
the machines are back.


1) I used the 5 senses, (feel,hear,see,taste,smell) I think I used all of them.

2)I used visual imagery  

3)I think next time I would put a bit more detail.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Quick write

Once there was a boy named rocky he was 6 and he love playing with devils and one day he got a the devil king he played with it as much as he could then he left his devil king in his room and when he went to sleep the devil king came a live and started freaking him out the devil king started to hide and then......................tap tap SSSSSSSCCCCCCRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEECCCCCCHHHHHH................... drip drip drip drip then the boy started get very frecked out that he started to run to his mum and dad thought that he was  lieand they went back to sleep rocky went to sleep then..............................

WARNING: if you every get the devil king don't leave it in your room!

Thursday, 22 October 2015


Where is he right now? We don't know right now but I'm sure he's somewhere making trouble hence his nickname.

Describe what Greg jones looks like: well we know he has curly hair normal clothes and he's pretty weak.

Why do you think Greg Jone is so bad: we don't know why maybe he just has bad accidents a lot of the time.

What is your opinion of bargain bob: That there is something fishy going on with him and I don't think I would trust him.

Why do you think bargain bob moves a lot: so then when he is doing bad things so he doesn't want to stay in the same place.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Discovery time

Today I did: a minecraft for our tag that we are playing on minecraft.

I showed Creativity by: making my house and making it so it looks little bit better.

I showed Agency by: staying on task and kept going.

I showed Excellence by: fixing up my house and making it look better

Next week I am going to: Cary on.


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Troublesome jones.

Title:it sounds like he is trouble and it looks like his name is jones.

Front design: I wonder why there is a truck and it looks like there is water and I saw there is a bike in the left top corner.

Blurb:he must in trouble all the time and get cort by the cops

Prediction: I think that I might be placed at a city/river and he is on a bike he's done something bad so he gets court and sent to court.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Maori ET reo

Description:every Monday afternoon we do ET reo  for ET reo we had to do a sample it had to have moari body's and how you where doing for my group did it for adults 


Big idea: it was about body parts we sang a song called to tiana Ki roto

Feedback/feedforward:  I like how in the video you pronounced the words correctly so people could easily hear that and learn off you.What you could improve on next time is possibly adding some sort of picture just to make it more fun and visual instead of just reading it off the picture.Ben:D

Evaluation: I like how we pronounced the words correctly I like how we had a colourful.but we could of gone in a non windy place.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Maths sample

Description: this term we have been using division,multiplication with Rebecca here is our question:

Big idea: I used reversibility to find the answer for the this question here is my working out for this question. 


2 big idea: for this one I used the happy hundred board with my 5x 2x here are my images.

2 Images:

Feedback/feedforward: i like how you have add what you what you were doing. I think you need to make the hundreds bord bit more lighter and how you worked it out more. Jeffery😎

Evaluation:I like how I added what I was doing tidily but I could work on trying to make my big ideas longer

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Drama sample

Description: we have been doing drama with Redecca my favourite activity was hotseating it was my favourite because you had to be ask questions.


Big idea: as I said my fave was hotseating I learnt that how to stay in form by sounding like that person.

Feedback/feedforward: i think you need to make some word make sense. I like how you had a lot of information. Jeffery😎

Evaluation: I think i did good at hotseating because I stay did form and was speaking like the person that I was trying to be but I did not like it when we had to stop early. 


Description:My goal in writing is to included some complex came from my book in some sentences How are you trying to get better at it? I am going to add more complex sentences in my writing.

Here is the image we used for motivation:

Big idea:

Feedback/Feedforward:I like the way you did little paragraphs. Shaiv.
Next time don't do the image to big. Ok. Shaiv.

Evaluation: Thanks for the feedback and feedforward shaiv I like how I put in paragraphs but I think I could of put more writing in m y story it would of made it more fun.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Production- wearable arts upcycling sample

Description: each Friday we do stuff for our production this production that I am talking about is called  ora-life the themes that we got to chose out of was here's and villans, elements and last but no least out of Africa I was put in heroes and villans the purpose was upcycling.


What: I have done all of my garmint I made my poles around my body with this wire stuff and bottle caps I got the mask then painted it and the top hat they is attached to the mask is made out of a small container then I panted is the image:

Big idea: 
1) The materials that I used to create my garment were:bottle lids, ice cream lids,wire,fabric,hot glue,a container and blue white black paint.

2) The most challenging thing about production for me was:my wires around my body because I burnt myself 4.

3) One way I demonstrated a growth mindset during production was: when I got burnt I still keep on going and I got it finished.

4) Something I am really proud of about production was: i was proud of my whole germent because it looks cool.

5) Our school vision is to create agency, creativity and excellence. I showed this by: I showed agency by when i was waiting for the hot glue gun I wait and let other people before me.

Feedback/feedforward: I think you did well on mixing the colours so it pops. Next time you could add something interesting with those rings other than just bottle tops.logan

evalaution:i think I did good with mixing colours and I think that the bottle tops will shine.i could of added more thing to it.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Reading Portfolio Sample Term 3 Tic Tac Toe

My goal is Summarising 
Why did I choose it? I chose this goal because I just throught I was bad a this goal and I just want to do it.
What does it mean? This goal mean getting the key words to brake it down.
What have I been learning in your workshops? I have been learning about note taking.
What is the tic tac toe? This tic ta toe is called story wheel.


Big idea:
what is that learning part? The leaning is to make photos and make it so it explained the story. In my workshops I have been doing note taking note taking is when you read a story then you take the main
Points then write them on a piece of paper.

Feedback/feedforward: you did well with the note taking in pictures and when you draw them that was good to.
I think that with the pictures you could have added a bit of text like the main points and stuff or explain were your up to and yeah.😜Jayden Paddison.

Evaluation: I think i did good explaining the story with the pictures I could of made more pictures but there was not that much to the story.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Summering post

Description: At literacy time I did a summering qiuz. I failed 3 time but it does not matter.if you want to play this qiuz here is the link: is a photo of my success.


Sunday, 26 July 2015

A cloudy lesson

Description: a cloudy lesson is about a boy and his grand father they had this thing  that when you blow into it a cloud will come out but the boy broke the staff broke but he found out some thing he could do with the staff watch this video to find our. 

Video link:

Moral of story: I thing the moral of the story is big mistakes can do good thing.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Shark attack

Description: At South Africa they had a surfing contest and this guy called mick fanning this guy was waiting for a wave but then a shark came and bit his leg rope he got away and he kick the shark in the nose.


Monday, 20 July 2015

Image Prompts.

Description: this is a quote from Albert Einstein and we had figure out what it means and it mean if someone knows how to do somthing but you don't know how to do it but you can do something that someone else can't do.


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Connections Posters

description: For Comprehension we have been learning about text to text,self and world here is what they mean.


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Two stars and a wish.

Description: today we have been talking about a courageous learner and we did a two stars and a wish.


Big idea: 

Two stars and a wish.

Evaluation: I think I need to get it so it is not that blurry.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

ET Reo moari post

description: we where learning how to ask people what they like and what they dislike.

These are the words we used.
Success criteria:

Correct saying/spelling.

Up to a high standard.

Feedback/feedforward: I think your video is good but you need to speak louder. Logan

Evaluation: I think I did good at not laughing but I need to speak louder and I need to say panana faster.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Writing with IMPACT


description: for 2 days we have been doing some writing we have been learning about IMPACT.


Success criterria:

Have I used descriptive verbs?

Have I used precise nouns?

Have I added adjectives to describe some nouns?

Publish story:⬇️
I am zooming through the huge bright grass. I wish I could be BIG!!! I hate my life all the balls are mean to me because I am so small and smelly. I get pushed around sloping everywhere. I am so hairy and am pushed by those stupid dung beetles I hate being a dung ball.

Feedback/feedforward: I think you did good on using a lot of similies I reckon you could work on using more detail though.#jahkarn

Evalaution: I think I did good at my plan but I might need to add some more adjectives, nouns, precise nouns, verbs and descriptive verb.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Science sample

Description: For the last few weeks we have been doing Science with Ebony,Elly and Troy I was doing mine with ebony we we're learning about biology and behaviour adaption's.


Success criterria:

Thinking like a scientist.

Talking like a scientist.

Acting like a scientist.

Feedback/feedforward:I really like the animal you chooses but you could make you image more funky Keep walking the talk. #jetty

Evaluation: Thanks Jett for the Feedback/feedforward next time I will make it more funky I like how I set out my post it is making it so you can read it.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maths sample

Description: today we have been doing a maths sample our goal is to add and subtract we have been doing this with a rebel sports photo.


Big idea: The strategy I used r/c (rounding and compensating) and some more.

Feedback/feedforward: you put a clear picture in my head and you have a good strategy you could change number 2 the photo so it is not blurry.Tom

Evaluation: yes I think I could change photo 2 so it is not blurry but I think I did good at R/C but I still need To get better at R/C.

Monday, 1 June 2015

The hare and tortoise reading tic tac toe

Description: Today we had to do reading profile. My goal is comprehension in comprehension we are learning Mine was about the hare and the tortoise.

Success criterria:

Text to text: It is when you have read a book and you had read a other book a they mean the same kind of stuff.

Text to self: when you read a book and something happens and i has happen to you also.

Text to world: when you relate to the world around you when you have book and the same thing happens.
Question I answers:
Who won the race and how? The tortoise because he was slow so, the hare thought I can have a sleep, because that tortoise is so slow an then the tortoise won.

What was the moral (or lesson that can be learned) from the story? Never think that your the fastest. Don't be mean to others.
All way believe in yourself. Keep on going.

Write one text to self connection you have made with the story.
I would not care if I lost agents a fast person because they might be a sore winner.

Write one text to text connection you have made with the story.
It does not matter if you win or lose because if you run again with the same person you could win.

Feedback/feedforward: on question 2 you could give more detail because the greatest at what maths? You did well on question 1 at explaining because I understand how the tortoise won.logan

Evaluation: thanks logan I fix up what you said I could do next time. I think for next time I need to put a bit more on question 2 because I didn't do that much about the moral of the story.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Writing task

Description: for writing we had to make a poster about adjectiveshere is my poster.


Connection dice game

Description: for the connections dice game we roll a and we have questions to see if we can make a text to self connections. When I got can you relate to a text to self connections I said I was scared to jump off a high diving board.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Writing time term 2

Descriptions: This is my poster about adverbs and verbs.


Catch Me If You Can- Defense

Description:Every week we learn about skills and movement that will help us play sports. This term’s focus has been around defense. We made a video showing some of the goals we have been practicing. I have highlighted the thing I think I have done well YELLOW and one thing I would like to work on PINK.
WALT: Defensive skills and movements
Success Criteria:
Body Movement
Weight on balls of feet
Feet shoulder width apart
Knees flexed
Concentration and eyes on ball, head and eyes up
Push hard off outside foot and go forwards to attack pass
Quick small feet, stay on balls of feet
Arms within confines of body
Take feet to ball
Land with a SBP
Body angled to see player and ball
Anticipate pass and player movement
Restrictive Marking
Meet player as they start towards the ball/where they want to go
stay close to the attacking player
Head and eyes up, arms close to body to avoid obstruction/contact
Angle body so attacking player is ‘pushed’ away from where he/she wants to go
0.9m from ball carrier

Evaluation: I think we did well because me and my friends got three video on. All so I did go easy on myself but then I went hard on myself. I am good at getting the Ball of the person but not good at passing the ball to people.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did well but you could improve on staying away from the person with the ball. Logan

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Discovery time

Description: Today at discovery me and my friends made a Mabel track it was fun here is the image.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Blockers and drivers

Description: we did this for our tic tac toe blockers are people that block your learning drivers are people that drive your learning.

This my image:

Monday, 4 May 2015

Writing goals term 2 2015

Purpose:to find our writing goal.

Description:The last three days we have, been with Ebony,Troy and Elly.We have been getting our writing goals.

Feedback/feedforward:I think on the first goal you could highlight your goal. I like how you took the picture it is not blury. Houston

Evaluation:I like how I made my own description that is telling poeple what we did. It was a little bit but it is done.

Writing post for descriptive verbs

Task: descriptive verbs.


Big idea: We did this to get better at using our descriptive verbs. We had to write two sentenes with went and walk. I did walked but that was ok because the is still a verb.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Title: Te Ahu a Turanga Noho Marae

Description:  In week 7, we had an overnight stay at the local Marae in Woodville.  We were immersed in Maori culture and participated in a range of activities.  We set two goals to focus on during our stay.


Big Idea:  
1.  Did you achieve your goals?  How do you know? 

2.  What are you most proud of from the marae stay and why?

3.  What challenged you the most and why?

Monday, 23 March 2015

Triangle learning with troy

Description: We have been learning about Geometry for Maths for the past few weeks. We looked at all the different types of shapes and in particular triangles. We have learnt that there are 4 different types of triangles and we created something to share our understanding about each of them.


Big idea: Make a poster/video about the 4 triangles and how much sides and angles.

Evaluation: I think I did very well but my photo is blurry.

Feedback/feedforward: good job Jake you did good but it is blurry. Tane

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Storytelling 2015

Purpose: create a story to share orally
Description: Oral storytelling is a Maori tradition. We have been planning our own story to tell on the Marae in Week 7.


Success Criteria:
  • Between 1 and 2 minutes long
  • Using your voice to make sounds effects
  • Using your whole body to make actions
  • Use your face to tell a story through facial expression
  • Knowing the story, knowing the setting
  • Get the picture into your listener’s head
  • Stay in character - keep your composure.
  • Audience participation
  • Unique and original (Hook your audience)

Evaluation: I think I need to take a breath then say my story because I laugh a bit then I keep going. I need to know my story because I keep needing to remember my story and I need to stop saying and in my story. I did feel a bit scared but I over come that by waiting a bit and then tolled my story and I felt a bit happy.