Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Writing task

Description: for writing we had to make a poster about adjectiveshere is my poster.


Connection dice game

Description: for the connections dice game we roll a and we have questions to see if we can make a text to self connections. When I got can you relate to a text to self connections I said I was scared to jump off a high diving board.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Writing time term 2

Descriptions: This is my poster about adverbs and verbs.


Catch Me If You Can- Defense

Description:Every week we learn about skills and movement that will help us play sports. This term’s focus has been around defense. We made a video showing some of the goals we have been practicing. I have highlighted the thing I think I have done well YELLOW and one thing I would like to work on PINK.
WALT: Defensive skills and movements
Success Criteria:
Body Movement
Weight on balls of feet
Feet shoulder width apart
Knees flexed
Concentration and eyes on ball, head and eyes up
Push hard off outside foot and go forwards to attack pass
Quick small feet, stay on balls of feet
Arms within confines of body
Take feet to ball
Land with a SBP
Body angled to see player and ball
Anticipate pass and player movement
Restrictive Marking
Meet player as they start towards the ball/where they want to go
stay close to the attacking player
Head and eyes up, arms close to body to avoid obstruction/contact
Angle body so attacking player is ‘pushed’ away from where he/she wants to go
0.9m from ball carrier

Evaluation: I think we did well because me and my friends got three video on. All so I did go easy on myself but then I went hard on myself. I am good at getting the Ball of the person but not good at passing the ball to people.

Feedback/Feedforward: I think you did well but you could improve on staying away from the person with the ball. Logan

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Discovery time

Description: Today at discovery me and my friends made a Mabel track it was fun here is the image.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Blockers and drivers

Description: we did this for our tic tac toe blockers are people that block your learning drivers are people that drive your learning.

This my image:

Monday, 4 May 2015

Writing goals term 2 2015

Purpose:to find our writing goal.

Description:The last three days we have, been with Ebony,Troy and Elly.We have been getting our writing goals.

Feedback/feedforward:I think on the first goal you could highlight your goal. I like how you took the picture it is not blury. Houston

Evaluation:I like how I made my own description that is telling poeple what we did. It was a little bit but it is done.

Writing post for descriptive verbs

Task: descriptive verbs.


Big idea: We did this to get better at using our descriptive verbs. We had to write two sentenes with went and walk. I did walked but that was ok because the is still a verb.