Monday, 27 June 2016

Necklace math

Description: for math we had to make a necklace with beans but we had $3 and green was 25c blue was 10c and red was 5c it also had to be repeating pattern so here is mine.

Image: 28/6/16

Today we change it up so that it starts with blue mostly red and yellow was added and it was 50c the first time but then it changed to 30c I have done both so one has the yellow as 50c and one of then are 30c.

50c one.

30c one.

Et Reo

Description: for et Reo we had to do some learning how to so the fruits in Maori we also wanted to learn Aotearoa by stanwalker I was mostly learning the song because it was hard to learn.


Feedback/feedforward:I like how you put in one of my favourite songs on this. Next time you should put in the lyrics to the song because I still don't know most of the words. Max b 😑😑😑😑😑

Evalaution:thanks for the feedback feedforward Max next time I will put the lyrics in to the song.😑

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Writing sample halo chicken 4

Description: For writing we wanted to do some random writing. Mine is based on halo 4 but mine is about a chicken that's in the game. He try's to get rid of all the butchers that are trying to get the chicken and cut him up in into chicken. So that they can sell him but he is trying to also defend his family from getting hurt. My favourite thing about this story is that he has a girlfriend called portana and she is a piece of poop from the chicks bottom or butt. He shots eggs from his bottom and he can get upgrades so he can get a better butt gun like machine guns or pistols and more. The chicken is writing the story because it's is like when you go to war and he is writing to his family's so that's why it is got lots of mistakes.


Feedback/feedforward: I like how you did the story random but maybe you could practise a lot more on handwriting. Houston

Evalaution:I think I did got in this story because I put some funny stuff in it. I think I need to make it a bit  longer because it is short.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Moon science

description: today we did a experiment about the the moon!! It was about how you see the moon.


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Douglas park sports exchange sample

Description: On the 14 of June we did Douglas park sports exchange.DPSE (Douglas park sports exchange) is when two schools come together and play sports the sports that we play are basketball,hockey,soccer,rugby and netball. The two schools compete for the flag and there is five trophies last year we got three trophies and Douglas park got two trophies so that means we got the flag but this year they got three and we got two so they got the flag. We wanted to do a interview about DPSE the four question that we got ask where what is DPSE, what sport did you play, what was your highlight and what challenge you here is my interview video hope you enjoy.


Feedback/feedforward: Next time talk louder in the video.I think that you explained DPSE very well.

Evalaution: I think I should speak a bit louder also.I think I explained it well also.

Graffiti Art sample

Description: This is my graffiti art. What we wanted to make was a piece of graffiti art and make them look like real graffiti art all we had to do was make it 3D put little tags on the letters and then we put some of our magic on it that is colour lots and lots and hear is the finally piece.


Feedback/feedforward: I think that this is a really good art piece I think you just need to explain a little bit more of how you did this beautiful art. Renae

Thanks for the feedback/feedforward I think it looks great but I think I could of added colour to the background.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Math with Troy

Description: we had to do this thing where we had to write down our family and then another person had to fined how was the oldest.


Monday, 6 June 2016

My gaol for x country

Today (7/6/16) "we have x country my goal is to come about 15th to over come this challenge I am not going to talk to any one and save my breath until the end.